A local politician, who refers to himself as “The Prettiest Legislator in Dutchess County,” is facing public outcry over a series of poor ethical decisions. County Legislator Giancarlo Llaverias (D), who represents District 1 in the Town of Poughkeepsie, is under fire on numerous fronts for not only his misogynistic comments on social media. 

Llaverias, 28, who won his seat against incumbent Margaret Kakish in 2017, is additionally being faulted for a series of Facebook postings that degrade women. Several elected officials have come out asking Democratic leadership to recall Llaverias from his post. Although the remarks are several years old, Llaverias chose to leave them up despite the controversial content. An ardent fan of social media, the shameless self-promoting politico often takes to his account multiple times a day, mostly to highlight his personal life.  

Although Llaverias did eventually issue an apology about some of his postings on his Facebook wall saying he has grown as a person, he initially signed his letter as “Minister” Giancarlo Llaverias, then later removed that title. According to Llaverias, he is the regional vice president of the Hudson Valley for the New York State Young Democrats, director of outreach for the New York State Young Democrats Caucus of Color, and a board member of Esperanza Inc. He also claims to work in recruiting and consulting for Universal Music Group, Island Def Jam Records, and Triple Threat Entertainment. Other positions cited by the duplicitous elected official are assistant director of programs at The Children’s Home of Kingston, medical student with a nickname of “Doc,” and paralegal for Legal Services of the Hudson Valley. Even if Llaverias does manage to retain his elected post, his constituents should not be too worried about his impact. Llaverias has a 22 percent attendance rate, missing seven out of nine Family and Human Services meetings this year.  

Here are some of Llaverias’ Facebook comments.