By Hv News Staff

 The residents of Dutchess County should consider themselves fortunate to have Marc Molinaro as their county executive. Molinaro has proven to be an effective and energetic leader since taking office in 2012. Prior to that, Molinaro had served as Mayor of Tivoli and in the State Assembly. 

Molinaro inherited a significant financial deficit from his imperious predecessor, William Steinhaus, and in short order had the county in a budget surplus. On his watch, Dutchess County has experienced significant job growth in a still stubborn economic environment. Molinaro has a proven track record of conservative fiscal management and has kept the county living within its means. There is also significant development money gravitating to Dutchess County including industrial and real estate projects.

Molinaro has also led the way with his “ThinkDIFFERENTLY” program which has created a supportive and welcoming environment for those with special needs. The program has become a model for the state and other communities around the country. Molinaro has made inroads combating the opioid epidemic and balancing mental health and law enforcement issues. 

Molinaro’s opponent, Joe Ruggiero, has an unexceptional record as a town supervisor and long-time Cuomo Bridge Authority appointee. He has yet to provide an answer as to whether he was compensated to run against Molinaro to answer his master Cuomo’s call to avenge Molinaro’s running against him in 2018. By arranging to have his Deputy Bridge Director keep his seat warm as he runs against Molinaro has most observers believing he will be returning to his old job should he lose to Molinaro. His wallet would be none the worse for wear. 

Ruggiero and his Democrat handlers have not made anything resembling a compelling case to abandon Molinaro. The focus has been to plaster a years old photo of Molinaro with then private citizen Donald Trump on his website and campaign literature in spite of the fact Molinaro has publicly stated he did not vote for Trump in 2016. This race is a no-brainer. Molinaro deserves re-election.